Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer

Easter walk

It was two days before Easter. Grandmother picked Jimmy and Lisa up from the kindergarten. When she arrived Jimmy and Lisa were already waiting. "Look, grandma, what we have made."

Proudly Lisa showed her the Easter Bunny. The kids lively told what they had done in the kindergarten. On their way home grandma deliberately chose another direction. The weather was so fine and warm.

They passed by the lake where they always played. "Look, grandma," said Jimmy. "The ice is gone!". "Can we go into the water?". "No, it's too cold". " We have to wait until it's getting a bit warmer". "But I'd like to go into the water" said Jimmy. "Me too", added Lisa. "Well", said the grandma. "Take off your shoes and your socks and have a try!.

The children were happy and did what grandma said. Of course, the water was cold. However, the kids played at the edge of the lake and were being building a wonderful castle in the sand.

Grandma loved poems and suddenly she was thinking loudly of the poem "Easter walk". "What's that?" Jimmy asked. And Grandma told him that this poem was written by one of the greatest German writers "Johann Wolfgang von Goethe". He was born in Frankfurt am Main on 28th August 1749 and died in Weimar on 27th March 1832. Jimmy was so fascinated that she had to speak the verses again and again.

Click on "poem" and you can read the verses as in German as in English.

Let's talk about it:

  1. Who picked up the children from the kindergarten?
  2. What did the children show to grandma?
  3. Did they go directly home?
  4. What was the weather like?
  5. What did the children want to do at the lake?
  6. What was grandma thinking about?
  7. Who was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe?
  8. When was he born?
  9. What did he describe in his poem?
  10. When did he die?