Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer

If there were no ifs, what would happen?

Mary and her mother are in the kitchen. They cook a delicious meal together and while they are cooking they are talking about all possible things...

The mother asks Mary: "What will you do if you don't pass the exam?" "I haven't thought about that question yet. If I fail, I'll have a new try. But I won't fail."

After a while the meal is ready and they wait for their guest. Mary is very impatient and she says: "If he doesn't come soon, the meal will be cold".

Suddenly the bell is ringing. Mary runs excitedly to the door. Her friend Tom is standing outside. He holds an envelope in his hand. Mary has a clue what it could be but she says nothing.

Then they sit at the table and enjoy the wonderful meal. Mary says apologetically:" If you came a little bit earlier, then the potatoes would be hotter". Tom is smiling.

Anyway, the meal is very tasty. When finishing their supper Mary wants to know what is in the envelope.

"Will I be happy or sad if I read the context?" Mary asks Tom. He gives her the envelope and Mary opens it curiously.

She is reading aloud:" If you come to me tomorrow at 6 p.m , I will surprise you."

Mary doesn't know what to say and puts the envelope aside. The next day she has been learning all the time. In the afternoon her friend Jane is calling. "Hi, Mary, it's me. Jane. I am waiting for you. I would be glad if you came." Mary has almost forgotten that they had arranged an appointment. She spends the whole evening with her friend. They are talking and dreaming about what to do if they won a million.

Jane:" If I won a million, I would travel around the world." Mary: "I would buy fancy clothes, if I won a million and the rest I would gave to my family"

They decide to buy a lottery ticket. Mary: "If we win, we will be rich". "Yes, we will", Jane answers.

Mary: "If we won, what would we do with all the money?" Jane: "At first we would admire the banknotes if we won."

The next day Tom meets Mary again. "Why haven't you come to me as arranged? I have waited for you." "Sorry", I have forgotten it", she responds.

"If you had come to me, I would have shown you the new car." "What a shame, " Mary answers. Tom:" If you come tomorrow at the same time I will show it to you."

"Wow", Mary is thinking aloud: "a lot of ifs" - if I get my driving licence I will drive Tom`s new car. It's amazing." .

Mary has her driving licence now. She is very happy and her driving instructor has said: "Congratulations, Mary! If you drive carefully, your friend will be happy, too. And if you drove every day from now on, you would get more safety."

Mary is thinking : "And if I had not learned so much, I would not have passed the exam."

Mary is very happy and Tom, her friend, allows her to drive his car...

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