Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer

That's an absolute scream!

Teacher: "Now, Benny, what did your father say about your school report?"

Benny: "Shall I leave out the swearwords?"

Teacher: "Of course!"

Benny: "Well then, he didn't say anything."

Angry teacher: "Why are you so late?"

Lazy pupil: "Well, I saw the sign in the street that said 'School - ahead - go slow'!"

Little Mary was on a train with her mother when suddenly she started to whisper in her mother's ear.

"Mary," said her mother sharply, "how many times have I told you it's impolite to whisper. If you've got anything to say, say it out loud."

"All right," said Mary, "why has that man got such big ears?"

It is March 1st and the first day of DBMS school.

The teacher starts off with a role call...

Teacher: Oracle?

"Present sir"

Teacher: DB2?

"Present sir"

Teacher: SQL Server?

"Present sir"

Teacher: MySQL?


Teacher: MySQL?


Teacher: Where the hell is MySQL

[In rushes MySQL, unshaven, hair a mess]

Teacher: Where have you been MySQL

"Sorry sir I thought it was February 31st"

"Benny, what are you doing out there in the rain?"

"Getting wet!"