Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer

A phone call

Mary is very excited. Her girlfriend Susan has phoned her. She has informed her about a meeting which she wants to take part in.

"Where does your meeting take place?" Mary asked.

Susan: "It takes place in your city."

Mary: "It's great. Then we could meet, too."

Susan: "Of course, therefore I am calling you up."

Mary: "I suggest going to the cinema. It's worth seeing the film: "Sex and the city". Do you want to come with me?"

Susan: "It's a good idea. What time does the film begin? "

Mary: "It begins at 8 o'clock. Let's meet at seven thirty."

Susan: "O.k. I will wait for you at half past seven in front of the cinema."

Mary: "Please come in time."

Susan: "I will be there on time."

Mary has been waiting for 20 minutes in front of the cinema. Where is Susan? She has promised to be on time. Mary and Susan have known each other since they were children. From time to time they change messages.

The film has begun. Mary decides to go home. Suddenly she sees a woman run - yes, it's her girlfriend.

"Sorry for being so late"

"Where have you been so long? You are always coming too late."

The girls are buying the tickets and enjoy watching the film.

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