Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer


Tom met his friend in the canteen. "Hello, Tom. You are to come to Mary!" his friend said. "Where is she?" Tom asked. "She is waiting for you in front of the library."

Tom didn't wait for his meal. He hurried up and ran to the library. He saw Mary. She stood at the entrance and was very glad to see Tom.

"What happened?" asked Tom.

"My parents are coming on Friday. They would like to see a special TV-show. You know that their TV doesn't work, but we wanted to be together... What shall I say?"

"Don't worry. Of course, they can come. I'd like to invite you also to a special show on Friday. We are driving to Berlin and therefore your parents can watch the TV- show in your flat. I ordered the tickets on the internet two weeks ago. I got them last week .You can see the tickets. They are on my desk. I have to go now. Are you coming tonight?"

He gave her a kiss and went back to the canteen. He was very hungry.

He ate his meal and thought of Mary.

Mary was very excited. She couldn't say anything. Tom took her entirely by surprise.

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