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The Broken Jug

It's about a broken jug which was very valuable and it owned to Marthe Rull. She had a daughter, named Eve. Eve is engaged to a farmer's son Ruprecht Tuempel.

One day Ruprecht saw a stranger leave Eve's room. While the stranger was leaving the room, he was pushing over the valuable jug. The broken fragments lay in front of the room. Neither Marthe nor Ruprecht expected the stranger to be the village chancellor Adam who had cast an eye at Eve.

Marthe Rull takes Ruprecht for the committer. He is said to have broken the jug. She takes him to court. Ruprecht is very disappointed by his affianced Eve. He thinks that she betrays him. He doesn't want to marry her any more.

The chief justice, Walter from Utrecht, takes part in on day of the court hearing, too. Village chancellor Adam is forced to summon the witness Brigitte who saw the stranger run to Eve.

Adam wants to prohibit that the truth comes to light. He had to act and convicts Ruprecht to custodial sentence. This Eva can't endure and she stands by her Ruprecht telling the true story.

The jug is a symbol for the interhuman relationships which break apart during the trial. The jug is a symbol for the apparently ideal world, which is breaking down at once.

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