Englisch für Kinder, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene beim Privatlehrer

Love at first sight?

It was a rainy day when Susanne had to go by train to Berlin. A light rain was falling when she reached the station. Susanne was completing distance learning in Berlin and every week on Mondays she went by train to Berlin. Many people were travelling on the same train. There were a lot of well-known faces on the platform that morning as she waited for the train. As usual the train would be very crowded.

Fortunately Susanne found a seat. Opposite her sat a young man reading the newspaper. Susanne could see his face and anyway he seemed to be interested in his newspaper. Of course, he was reading it intensively. What's the news? Also Susanne was fascinated by the newspaper and she stared at it. Suddenly the man turned the page and at this moment they looked at each other. A curious smiling was circling around his mouth. And his eyes told all or nothing...

Susanne took her textbook from her bag and delved into it. From time to time she looked at the man sitting opposite to her. Their sights accidentally met. "What is he thinking about?" she asked herself. Susanne was not able to concentrate. He looked up, smiled and she was feeling embarrassed and she was blushing deeply. She could not explain to herself why she went red. Susanne tried to think of her friend. She was looking forward to meeting him in the evening. He would be waiting for her at the station in the evening. They have known each other for 2 years.

The train stopped. Some of the travellers got off the train; also the man opposite her quickly took his bag and went off. He smiled again having a look at Susanne once more. "For you, the news "he said friendly and gave his newspaper to her.

The lectures went by very quickly. After that Susanne hurried to the station to catch the train. As usual it was punctual. Susanne got in. The train was very crowded. She was looking for a seat and suddenly she saw "him" and he also caught sight of her. The seat next to him was still empty. Was it pure coincidence? Susanne did not ask whether the seat was taken. He smiled again and offered her to take a seat. Susanne took her book from her bag and began to read. Now he was very interested in her reading. "Are you studying?" he asked. His voice, his smile, his eyes - Susanne felt suddenly that he was someone special. It did not take a long time and they were talking as if they had known each other for years. Time passed by very quickly. Suddenly the train stopped and they noticed that they also had to get off. It was time to say good bye - Susanne hoped for a meeting again. Maybe he could read her thought. He took out his business card and said to her: "Please call me up. I am waiting for you." He kissed her on her forehead. Susanne had almost forgotten her friend. He was walking along the platform. She was not smiling. What was happening? Why was she not glad to see him as usual? Fortunately he did not notice anything. He talked and talked. Susanne was thinking of Sven (that was his name). Yes, she would phone him...

Let's talk about it:

  1. What did Susanne do in Berlin?
  2. Did Susanne go to Berlin by train?
  3. What was the weather like?
  4. What did the man read sitting opposite her?
  5. Why was Susanne getting red?
  6. What did the man give to Susanne before getting off the train?
  7. Who did Susanne meet again after her lectures?
  8. What did he say to her when seeing her off?
  9. Who was waiting for Susanne at the station?
  10. Will Susanne give Sven a call?